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Fill-a-Niche is Canada’s top wholesale supplier to the Canadian tourism and giftware industry. We specialize in Canadian themed die-cast toys, luggage tags and our premier line of plush stuffed toys.

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top 3 tourist gifts in Canada Yellow school bus

The Yellow School Bus!

The #2 seller in our amazing collection of Canadian themed die-cast toys.   Quick turn. Canadian Iconic Yellow School Bus.             BUY NOW!

top 3 tourist gifts in Canada VW Beetle Bug

#1 Seller. VW Beetle!

This little car has been our #1 seller for over 20 years. It’s a must-have for your Canadian tourism retail shop. Great sell-through, massive margins! The VW Beetle Bug.       BUY NOW!

top 3 tourist gifts in Canada moose with sweater

Cute Moose with Sweater!

From Canada’s “kings of plush” we present our #1 seller. Moose with sweater.  Watch them fly off the shelves. Great margin.         BUY NOW!

Fill-a-Niche, the leaders in fast delivery, quick turning, high margin, tourism retail products!

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Canada Moose Pop Pom Pen. Fill-a-Niche is Canada’s foremost supplier of Canadian themed wholesale tourism and giftware products. Fill-a-Niche Trading is a Canadian leader in the souvenir and giftware market.

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top 3 tourist gifts in Canada moose with sweater

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